Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fan Art: Sniper Michael, T&M "Tea" Time, Mr. Raspberry Jam, & More

The latest collection of impressive GTAV-inspired fan art includes Michael as an introspective sniper, adult tea time, Trevor and Mr. Raspberry Jam's complex relationship, tributes to Wade, and more.
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deviantARTist demitasse-lover has been sharing some anime-inspired GTAV fan art on starfleettrambo.tumblr, including this one of Michael waiting for an opportunity to snipe.

Formerly featured for touching scenarios involving characters of GTAV at wachtelspinat.tumblr, German artist Saskia continues to deliver. With the caption had a mighty need to draw them on tiny plastic chairs, Amanda catches Michael and Trevor's "tea" time.    

Somebody save that teddy bear. Korean artist 6 myrtle on Tumblr has been making some awesome GTAV character fan art, including this hilarious depiction of Trevor and Mr. Raspberry Jam's complicated relationship. 

Dutch illustrator Menno Wittebrood, known on Social Club as Tapirus and the leader of the MUDSTICK Crew, created this awesome advert for his created Deathmatch "Hell Hole in One". Definitely give it a try - when Trevor Phillips sends you an invitation, you better make sure you accept it. 

Radiopappa, featured previously for an elaborate GTAV x Bullworth alternate universe, imagines a young Trevor, Michael and Amanda heading to their first Love Fist concert. 

Wade-crazy artist and self-proclaimed member of the "Wade Defense Squad" Peepeeinmybumhole highlights one of GTAV's unsung heroes in these inspired pieces

"...No problem kid..." ArtistBlockHead on Tumblr shared this contribution to radiopappa's GTAV High School Alternate universewith Wade and Trevor's first meeting. 

A simple moment between Michael, Tracey and Jimmy way before all of the family drama of GTAV, imagined by artistWHOLAHAYOLA on Tumblr.  

Illustrator and Graphic Designer Juan Manuel Orozco's mock logo for Franklin Dog Training Academy. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Elitas Travel (GTA V)

Duster ($275,000)
Shamal ($1,150,000)
Cuban 800 ($240,000)
Luxor ($1,500,000)
Mallard ($250,000)
Frogger ($1,300,000)
Maverick ($780,000)

Legendary Motorsport (GTA V)

Z-Type ($10,000,000)
Stinger ($1,000,000)
JB 700 ($475,000)
Cheetah ($650,000)
Entity XF ($795,000)
Adder ($1,000,000)
Monroe ($490,000)
Cognoscenti Cabrio ($185,000)
Vacca ($240,000)

Warstock Cache and Carry (GTA V)

Rhino Tank ($3,000,000)
Barracks ($450,000)
Cargobob ($2,200,000)
Buzzard Attack Chopper ($2,000,000)
Crusader ($225,000)

Dock Tease (GTA V)

Marquis ($413,990)
Jetmax ($299,000)
Squalo ($196,621)
Suntrap ($25,160)
Tropic ($22,000)
Seashark ($16,899)

Pedal to the Metal (GTA V)

BMX ($500)
Scorcher ($1,000)
Whippet Race Bike ($2,500)
Endurex Race Bike ($2,500)
Tri-Cycles Race Bike ($2,500)
Cruiser ($3,000)

Southern San Andreas Super Autos (GTA V)

2 Door:
- Benefactor Schwartzer ($80,000)
- Ubermacht Zion ($50,000)
- Bravado Gauntlet ($32,000)
- Déclassé Vigero ($21,000)
- Weeny Issi ($18,000)

- Pegassi Infernus ($440,000)
- Benefactor Surano ($99,000)
- Pegassi Vacca ($240,000)
- Obey 9F ($120,000)
- Pfister Comet ($85,000)
- Bravado Banshee (90,000)
- Benefactor Feltzer ($145,000)

- BF Injection ($16,000)
- Vapid Sandking XL ($45,000)

4 Door:
- Chevalier Fugitive ($24,000)
- Karin Dilettante ($25,000)

- Enus Suoer Diamond ($250,000)
- Dewbauchee Exempler ($205,000)
- Gallivanter Baller ($98,000)
- Albany Cavalcade ($70,000)
- Obey Rocoto ($85,000)
- Lampadati Felon ($100,000)
- Ubermacht Oracle ($80,000)

- Pegassi Bati 801 ($10,000)
- Dinka Akuna ($9,000)
- Pegassi Ruffian ($10,000)
- Shitzu Zader ($9,000)
- Nagasaki Blazer ($8,000)
- Shitzu PCJ 600 ($9,000)
- Maibatsu Sanchez ($7,000)
- Pegassi Faggio ($5,000)