Anno Online - AmphitheaterAmphitheater
Available after you unlock the Library and gain the necessary knowledge points, the Amphitheater is the first new monument in the game. Equip it with a loge to increase the inhabitants per building, and add an arch to expand its area of influence.
Anno Online - CathedralImperial Cathedral Available after you unlock the Library and the Amphitheater, along with the requisite knowledge points. The base population bonus increases with the addition of a crossing tower. Add a bell and you’ll also increase its influence.
Anno Online - CastleCastle Same as the Cathedral, this is available after you unlock the Library and the Amphitheater and gain enough knowledge points. Expand the influence with a tocsin, and boost the population bonus with a cistern.
Check out this in-depth video for more details on these iconic monuments:
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Anno Online - Cathedral