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Having announced EndWar Online’s Tech Assault here on the UbiBlog a little over one month ago, I am extremely pleased to return and announce the second round of Alpha testing: Tech Assault Part 2! Tech Assault Part 2 will take place over a span of 48 hours from Saturday March 29 to Sunday March 30. The server will be open to everyone, so there’s no key required.
EndWar Online - Tech Assault Part 2
Tech Assault Part 1 was a great experience. Plenty of players piled into the game and provided us with a huge amount of awesome feedback that we’ll be using to improve EndWar Online and steer it even more toward our community’s desires. We learned a lot from Tech Assault Part 1 – in addition to getting great gameplay feedback – and we pushed our servers to the edge and beyond. That’s exactly what we wanted to see from this kind of test. Well done!
To celebrate the success of the first part of the Tech Assault, we released this infographic identifying all kinds of interesting details from the first event. Check it out by clicking on the picture below:
EndWar Online - Tech Assault Part 2
As mentioned above, we received plenty of great feedback during Tech Assault Part 1. We’ve already begun to make changes to the game in response to this. Tech Assault Part 2 will see the introduction of the following improvements and updates to the game:
• Theatre of War – the Faction-based global domination element of EndWar Online that allows thousands of players to work together to ensure victory for their Faction – has been added to the game
• An entirely new PvE Chapter containing more complex and challenging missions has been introduced for each Faction
• Brand new Commanders that provide new ways to approach both PvE and PvP, and bring more variety and complexity to the PvP meta-game have been added
• An improved loot system to allow for more consistent drops is now present
• A rebalanced and expanded quest system has been developed
For more details – watch our newest SITREP video, in which our Creative Director Michal Madej and Lead Game Designer David Maurin walk you through the key points of what you can expect from Tech Assault Part 2.

We’re sure that players both new and old will really enjoy these improvements; many of them were inspired by the community after all!
And last, but by no means least, we want to announce that we’ll be running a number of events throughout the weekend. Up first, we’ll have a Happy Hour on Day 1 during which players will be able to win great EndWar-related goodies and Ubisoft games by competing in the various challenges that await Happy Hour participants.
EndWar Online - Tech Assault Part 2
After that, we’ll be running a successor to the very popular Dev Hunt that we launched during Tech Assault Part 1. This time, the event will take place in the Theatre of War! Do you have what it takes to hunt down and destroy a developer in order to win prizes?
Our thanks go out to everyone who participated in Tech Assault Part 1, and we very much look forward to playing with everyone who didn’t manage to make it in last time. Follow us on Facebookand Twitter for fresh news & updates.
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