Sunday, March 23, 2014

It’s about CHOICE

In the coming weeks, we’re going to let devs choose if they want to charge up front for their games. Now they’ll be able to choose between a free-to-try or paid model.
When we started OUYA, we originally decided against this. Free to Try seemed like an obvious choice for an open platform. We knew it appealed to gamers, but it turned out many devs had trouble meeting the requirement, didn’t want to make a demo, or weren’t sure how to monetize their game.
One of OUYA’s driving values has always been empowering devs.
We provide devs with a streamlined path to the TV. We facilitate an open Dev-to-OUYA community. We operate a super-tolerant submission-review process. We support an ever-expanding suite of middleware. We do all of these things in support of devs — to help them get their games to gamers.
So we found ourselves weighing one good thing against another. Do we support the awesome feeling of getting to try anything before you buy it, or do we make the pathway to publishing on the TV even easier for devs? It was a difficult choice.
We didn’t come to this decision unilaterally. Devs have been asking us for this choice for more than a year.
We kept hearing the same things:
· It’s about choice. Give devs the freedom to choose. That’s openness.
· It doesn’t make sense, creatively, to put a demo in my game.
· Implementing demo content is not within our studio’s budget.
· I don’t really know how to implement a good demo.
All these things convinced us.
Giving devs the freedom to choose gives our gamers access to the best games available. We’re clearing another roadblock in the pathway to publishing on the TV, and that means more great games will make it to OUYA.
Bob (BAWB) Mills
Games Guy, OUYA

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