Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite FREE for PS+ users, live stream at 3pm PT

Starting today, you can pick up Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for FREE for your PSP or PS Vita if you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber! Putting the FREE back in FREEdom Unite!
Tune in to twitch.tv/capcomunity at 3pm PT to see me playing one of my personal favorite Monster Hunter titles... yes, the one that is now free fo PS+ users: MHFUnite! =)
I'm also thinking about streaming it again for next week's Monster Hunter Mondays, so let's talk about getting a hunting party together for that, shall we?
Anyways, let's talk about this game in a little more context:
MH Freedom Unite was technically the expansion of Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (think the "Ultimate" version of MHF2), and was released for the PSP in 2009. MHF2 itself was the portable adaptation of the Japan-only title Monster Hunter 2 (dos) which came out for the PS2.
So if you know how MH titles add content with each upgrade and start doing the math, you'll soon realize that MHFU featured a TON OF STUFF compared to your average PSP title and even MH2!
One interesting bit about MHFU's content though is that it is still relevant, in a weird way. You see, in 2010 Monster Hunter Tri came out and gave me a bit of a "reboot" vibe to it (this was my perception as a fan at the time) by introducing a ton of new monsters and new mechanics while leaving about 90% of MHFU's monsters aside.
Even though Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate managed to bring back some old classics (Plesioth, Nargacuga), MHFUcan still claim a few exclusives to the 2nd generation such as the giant enemy crabs Hermitaur and Ceanataur, well as Monoblos, Lavasioth, Hypnocatrice and a few Elder Dragons!
Again, we'll be streaming this game and talking more about it at 3pm PT on Twitch, and if you're a PlayStation Plus Subscriber, you can pick it up for FREE!

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