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Riders! Your Trials Fusion Track Jam winners have been selected!
Track builders from all over the world who have been engrossed in the Trials Evolution track editor have entered into our Trials Track Jam, and they are preparing to fight it out among themselves for the No.1 spot. The winner will walk away with the fame of having his track prominently displayed in Trials Fusion on all platforms, the fortune of the next-gen console of his choice, and the glory of the title of Trials Fusion Track Jam winner.
Trials Fusion Track Jam Finalists
These builders had just two weeks to create a track in Trials Evolution with the hopes of securing their spot in Round 2, a weeklong event taking place April 5–10 in Boston, Mass. Track Jam creators will also show off their Round 2 tracks at the Trials Fusion booth at PAX East. Not only will these tracks be playable by PAX East attendees, but they’ll also be available for voting (both online and in person). How you vote will determine which of our finalists will be taking home the Track Jam Champion title, along with a brand-new gaming console.
Here’s a look at the Track Jam Finalists:
Lukeyy19, from England, showed off his excitement for FMX tracks in Trials Fusion by creating FLIP SIMULATOR, a track designed to test riders’ skills in completing a point-based flipping skill game. Lukeyy19 is best known in the Trials community and Trials Evolution’s Track Central for his ACTIVATE! tracks.
Trials Fusion Track Jam Finalists
Vladiiiiiiii, from the United States, brought something different to the table by way of his custom track DISPOSE, where he indicates he’s ready to move on to Trials Fusion by tearing down and carting away everything from Trials Evolution. Vladiiiiiiii is a Trials community regular, and is in the middle of judging his own track building competition.
Trials Fusion Track Jam Finalists
Loot Monkey, from the United States, shows players his trademark artistic view in a glowing landscape where ruins, the city and environment all merge into a flowing track that he calls RIFT. Loot Monkey is well-known in the Trials community as an outstanding track creator who has a style all his own.
Trials Fusion Track Jam Finalists
HqK l WraaTh, from England, takes players through the other side of the futuristic city – complete with flying cars – in his technical track TAKEOVER. WraaTh is an up-and-coming track builder whose creations favor brooding themes, technical lines and uphill battles.
Trials Fusion Track Jam Finalists
XxGATORMANIAxX, from the United States, flexes his editor animation muscles in EQUILIBRIUM, a place where the city is clean, and there is no end to the big air. Oh, and there’s also an airplane that shoots at you. You may not recognize XxGATORMANIAxX from the forums, but he has proven that he knows a thing or two about the editor. We look forward to seeing more of what he is capable of at Track Jam.
Trials Fusion Track Jam Finalists
DragonMICKY, from France, shows you what might be going on in the industrial parts of Trials Fusion’s city. Animations abound in this high-flying track named DEUS EX MACHINA. DragonMICKY is a big name in Trials circles, and for good reason: He always brings a well-executed theme to his creations.
Trials Fusion Track Jam Finalists
KaliniuS, from the United States, is bringing players to his version of EDEN with a boulder-strewn, atrium-styled BMX course set on the outskirts of a city. KaliniuS is unable to attend Track Jam, but he is a highly respected member of the Trials community and we look forward to his creations in Trials Fusion.
Trials Fusion Track Jam Finalists
Let’s wish them all luck, because they are in for an intense five days of track building! We’ll also be grilling them while on site, so look forward to Q&As with myself and CannibalShogun, plus the chance to appear on RedLynx’s official livestreams during Track Jam.
We’ll have more information live from Track Jam, so be sure to follow Trials on Twitter, Like us onFacebook and subscribe to us on Twitch.
See you on the leaderboards!
Trials Fusion


Release date — April 16, 2014 (April 24 on PC)
Developer — RedLynx
Trials Fusion melds the classic, proven Trials formula of simple yet addictive competition with the social and visual breakthroughs of the next generation of gaming. The first Trials game designed for multiple platforms from day one forges ahead with a first-in-class physics trick system, next-gen social features, and much more. Trials Fusion retains and enhances the vital features from the best-selling and critically acclaimed games Trials Evolution and Trials HD.


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