Ubisoft is partnering with Carbon Games to bring the free-to-play mech combat title AirMech Arena to Xbox Live. Giant robots and real-time strategy come together in the war-torn future in the struggle for battlefield domination. Play by yourself or take on the competitive or cooperative multiplayer to work with or against your friends to fight for resources. Capture bases and defend them against waves of enemies as you build your army. As your army grows and you capture fortresses, you’ll be able to unlock new units, pilots, items and AirMechs to customize your experience. Get your first look at AirMech Arena in the debut trailer below.

“As an indie developer, AirMech has been our passion for the past several years, and we are thrilled to partner with Ubisoft to bring the game to console,” said James Green of Carbon Games. “AirMech Arena was created from the ground up to be the ultimate RTS experience with a gamepad. The fast-paced action and depth of strategy brings console gamers a new experience we are confident they will enjoy.”
AirMech Arena Announced
“Ubisoft is always looking for new ways to expand our console portfolio and AirMech was a natural choice,” said Chris Early, VP of Digital Publishing at Ubisoft. “Carbon Games has created a unique experience, combining strategy and competition in an accessible free-to-play format that we think will resonate with console gamers.”
AirMech Arena will drop this summer on Xbox 360 and receive regular updates post-launch, including new AirMechs, maps, events and more. Learn more about AirMech Arena at the official website. AirMech Arena will have its first hands-on demo at PAX East in Boston from April 11 to 13, so come by the Ubisoft Digital Booth if you’re attending to be among the first in the world to playthe game.
AirMech Arena Announced
AirMech Arena


Release date — Summer 2014
Developer — Carbon Games
In a war-torn future, powerful weapons known as AirMechs dominate the battlefields in the fight for scarce resources. Players command giant transforming robots and capture and protect bases while building colossal armies to fight waves of enemies. As gamers conquer fortresses, they unlock powerful units, pilots, items and AirMechs, and can customize their armies to fit their personal gameplay preferences. AirMech Arena supports single-player, multiplayer cooperative and multiplayer competitive gameplay for teams of two to three players.

ESRB Rating: RP