Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Dr Wily, Zero and the Mega Man mythos

Ah, the tale of Mega Man through the ages. We have many pieces of the puzzle, and heck, we can paint a pretty clear picture of what went down, but there are all kinds of "probably" and "maybe" and "most likely" qualifiers that have to follow a lot of plot statements.
This video (from 'tuber dookieshed) spends a solid 12 minutes walking through what we know, then poses a few theories of his own...
Thoughts? I do like the idea of Wily "winning the war," so to speak, even if it's a grim take on the saga. But then again, despite the squeaky clean presentation of the Classic games, there's a very clear arms race between Wily and Light, one that can only lead to bigger and badder technology (Bass, Zero...)
And even if ya disagree or have your own thoughts, it's still a fun watch!

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