Sunday, March 30, 2014

Four Cities We Would Like to See in Grand Theft Auto VI

The Top 4 Cities we would like to See in GTA VI:

1. San Fierro
San Fierro is the second largest city in population and smallest in area in San Andreas. However, it is the most urbanized city, and is situated on a peninsula on the western part of the state. South of the city lies the massive Mount Chiliad and the small town ofAngel Pine in Whetstone. To the north of the city, across a re-creation of the famous Golden Gate Bridge (Gant Bridge), lies the town of Bayside, and northeast of the city lies the county ofTierra Robada. San Fierro is a moderately sized city with the beautiful San Fierro Bay to the north and The Panopticon to the east. San Fierro is connected to Los Santos and Las Venturasby road, rail and air.

2. Carcer City
Carcer City is located several miles away from Liberty City, possibly in Liberty State, Alderney State or another state from Midwest or North East Coast. There is a polluted river located in the city that catches on fire, a reference to the Cuyahoga River. The terrain is mostly flat aside from surrounding hills that house the wealthier neighborhoods. Not much else is known or revealed about the environment in Carcer City. Also, Carcer City isn't specified in which part of the east coast it could be, but might be in the northern part of Liberty State due to the existence of the Shoreside Vale's tunnels that leads somewhere in the northern part of Liberty State or it could a be a mocking of the seedy side of Philadelphia similar to Camden, NJ.

3. Chicago
Like Displayed in Ubisoft's Watch_Dogs

4. London
A revamped version of the London from GTA: London 1969 or London 1961.

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