Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dawn of X fan art contest: submit your best X-universe art and win

Archie's huge "Dawn of X" storyline may not kick off until issue #37 (out in May), but starting with #36 (out this week) you can submit your best X-related artwork for our official contest!
Much like our Rock of Ages contest last year, this contest gives you a chance to win heaping helping of Mega merch, including a Classic / X statue for the grand prize winner!
The grand prize winner will also see their art featured in a full page of Mega Man #40, while three runners-up will have their art as part of the fan art page. These three folks will also get issues #37-40 (aka the Dawn of X run).
Check issue #36 for the actual physical ad, and submit your entries to:
or if you prefer they receive it weeks from now:
Mega Man: Dawn of X Contest
C/O Archie Comic Publications
P.O. Box #419 Mamaroneck, NY 10543-0419

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