Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Share your greenest Capcom memories, maybe win Okami HD

Eyyyy it's Earth Day here in the US, so it seems fitting to slap a bunch of woodland imagery together and celebrate our fair planet! But doing so could earn you a download code for Okami HD, enabling you to further spread good green vibes around the world.
Years ago I wrote a rather silly tribute to the greenest games of the day, but this time around I'm zeroing in on Capcom titles that contain some kind of nature-y shoutout. Maybe give 'em a spin before April 23 arrives, and share your favorite earth-friendly Capcom moment in the comments for a chance at the code!
Okami HD
Well duh. The whole point of Okami is to undo a bunch of cursed, toxic damage done to the environment, so this takes the (sustainably made!) cake. Ammy leads the pack when it comes to beautification of the world around us.
Dragon's Dogma
Roaming around Gransys leads to many stunning vistas and flowing foilage, but my favorite was always a pawn commenting on the size and majesty of a nearby tree. 'Tis grand, this one.
Mega Man
Hard to narrow this one down, but from Wood Man to Plant Man to the Forest of Dysis, the Mega Man series is packed with gorgeous greenery. 
DuckTales Remastered
Save the Amazon with ol' Scrooge and you'll be rewarded with the Sceptre of the Incan King. Oh and I guess a ton of wildlife and oxygen-producing trees? That's probably worth something too.
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
As with Mega Man, the MH series features numerous forested areas in which to do battle. But one of our favorites is the Misty Peaks, most recently seen in MH3U. Take time to smell the roses, but do be on the lookout for a hungry Nargacuga...
Naturally this is not the end-all be-all of Capcom's earthen contributions. Share your favorite moment of Capcom-based foilage and we'll pick our favorite comment as the winner of an Okami HD (that's PS3, btw) code for the North American PSN store.
Ya got til 10am PST April 23 to get your comment in!

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